Additional Optional Devices

SEAmagine submersibles are equipped with all the key equipment necessary for operating the subs accurately and safely in deep water. In addition, SEAmagine subs do have room for expansion so that owners can select to add more purpose specific equipment.

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All SEAmagine’s submersibles can be equipped with a wide arrays of optional equipment such as ultra-HD cameras, robotic manipulator arms, imaging sonars, scientific sensors, or custom built devices. These options are in addition to our standard subsea equipment already integrated with each sub.

Optional Underwater Tools

SEAmagine submersibles are built with the key subsea technology required for sub operations already integrated into them. This includes underwater communication, underwater navigation, underwater lighting, dual frequency sonars, topside tracking equipment, and more. In addition to the equipment already included with each sub,

SEAmagine subs do have room for expansion so that owners can select to add more technology at any time. Typical additional options include devices such as specific underwater Ultra-HD cameras, 5-axis to 7-axis robotic manipulator arms, or more underwater lighting, but depending on the subs application, there are a wide range of

additional scientific and industrial subsea tools that can be added to the vehicle. SEAmagine also offers custom built assemblies that can be mounted at the front of the sub for specific objectives.

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Submersible Subsea Equipment

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• Underwater Voice Communication System

• 80,000 - 120,000 lumens of adjustable underwater lights

• Dual Frequency Forward Looking Sonar

• DVL with INS Underwater Navigation

• USBL Underwater Navigation

• Topside Underwater Tracking System

• Emergency Strobe Light

• Ocean Depth and Water Temperature Measurement

• External Joystick for Surface Controls


Optional Additional Equipment Available


• 5-Axis to 7 Axis Hydraulic Robotic Manipulators

• Extra Battery Power Banks

• 4K UHD Underwater Cameras

• RED Underwater Camera Systems

• 360 Degree 6K UHD Underwater Camera System

• Additional Underwater Lights

• Pan & Tilt Unit for Cameras

• Pan & Tilt Unit for Additional Equipment

• Multibeam Imaging Sonars

• 2D -3D Mapping Sonars

• Underwater Modem Link

• Sample Collection Systems

• Subsea Profiling Systems

• Oceanographic CTDs

…and more

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